Our One-liner:

FABUM is a non-profit organization that engages and connects individuals and communities around unique forms of self-expression.


Our Mission:

  • To present original forms of self-expression
  • To sustain a creative community that is diverse in age, background and perspective
  • To facilitate dialogue and the exchange of ideas  

Our Elements:

  • The Dolce Revolution Projects = original performance events (wind)
  • Creative Gatherings = social events that incorporate multiple artistic disciplines and themes (fire)
  • Youth Program For A Better Understanding of Mankind = in-classroom and extracurricular activities organized for and by students (earth)
  • World Better = invite-only, Board Member-hosted discussions about annual themes (water)

Our Story


In Autumn of 2011, a "Mad Tea Party" was organized as an excuse to invite a diverse group of artists and arts-interested people together, announce the formation of FABUM, as well as an international play competition. Soon after, a Board of Directors was formed, and paperwork was filed.

FABUM became a Washington, DC-based, 501(c)(3) arts organization in 2012.

The organization premiered two original one-act plays (Lemons by Barry Eitel and Lost Belongings AKA The Facebook Play by Jennifer Berry) as its 1st Dolce Revolution Project in the Spring of 2012. Friends and members of the public were engaged in each stage of the production - from auditions, to readings, to rehearsals - with the intention of sharing and exhibiting the creative process. Both playwrights flew to Washington to participate in talkbacks with audiences. 

FABUM also began designing creative gatherings to showcase different forms of self-expression and catalyze conversation among people of diverse backgrounds and identities. The Revolutionary Un-Veiling in the summer of 2012 featured a short film and dance premiere, work by local clothing designers, a clothing drive and storytelling.

FABUM also launched an in-classroom and extracurricular youth program with DC Public Schools.


Taking an immersive theatre approach, FABUM premiered Dream Wedding, a walk-through performance about anxieties and introspection told from the perspective of a soon-to-be-bride, as its 2nd Dolce Revolution Project to sold-out audiences in the spring of 2013. The site-specific work incorporated Jungian archetypes as characters to explore elements of the subconscious and unconscious, and utilized every public room of the historic Arts Club of Washington.

students designed original choreography, poetry and visual art

winter of 2014: premiered See You See



Creative gatherings

Youth program topics school to prison pipeline, etc. self portraits (https://www.facebook.com/pg/FABUMinc/photos/?tab=album&album_id=718022044944351),


Michael Riedel, writer and author of Assassin of Broadway to speak with a large student group at School With Walls

During the year, FABUM partnered with CulturalDC, Human Rights Campaign for youth program activities...

winter of 2016: A Strong Woman: 1Night/5Plays Festival ten-minute play festival


Mindful lunches

Award-winning author spoke with a large student group at School Without Walls

Youth program excursions to shows, World Bank, exhibitions, etc.

FABUM maintains relationships with students who have now graduated college...

2018: Take part.

(model: Museum of Fine Art in Santa Fe...)

By fostering collaborative efforts via initiatives like The Dolce Revolution Project" and organizing salon-style arts events, the organization will be a catalyst to invigorate and stimulate the artistic community. Our Youth Program FABUM offers a way to engage students directly in the creative process and connect them with artists and mentoring individuals across different arts-related fields. The goal is to foster self-expression and originality while enhancing lives and improving communities by encouraging creativity, self-empowerment, and the pursuit of self-realization.

FABUM seeks to promote reflection of the Self and the world around us. Our philosophy is: Life is art. Art is life. The Dolce Revolution Project is an ongoing series of non-traditional theatrical experiences that FABUM presents. We also steward regular competitions and festivals for new one-act and short plays. Our youth program immerses young people of diverse cultural backgrounds, personal identities and interests in a wide range of creative activities and professional arts engagement. Our objective is to celebrate the creative process - in addition to the 'final product' - of artistic collaborations and original self-expression, thus exploring the human condition in a creative, ever-evolving and interconnected society.