See You See, the third original performance event in our Dolce Revolution Project series had two sold-out performances and generated active audience discussion. This was a walk-through performance that played with notions of voyeurism, exhibitionism and privacy as we grapple with a sense of self and place in an ever-watchful society…  

We are incredibly grateful for the ability to share this work, and the incredible response we received.

See You See Premiered Wednesday, December 10th and Friday, December 12th, 2014 @ 7pm at The Arts Club of Washington

Non-profit arts group FABUM is holding auditions for its 3rd Dolce Revolution Project series.

This is a non-traditional theatre show to be performed at the historic Arts Club of Washington.

FABUM uses a collaborative approach to its performances, and actors are encouraged to provide input during rehearsals and participate in the creative process. The show will explore the anxieties and absurdities of a 'surveillance society'.

You are welcome to come with a prepared monologue or be provided slides when you arrive.

Roles (working character titles - no ethnic requirements for any):

Boldman - fit, attractive male; narcissistic

Apprentice - any gender; eager to learn

Announcer/Host - male (but gender negotiable) with great "television game show" voice

Secret Agents (3) - any gender; archetypical secret agents; often ridicule those they spy on

Fake Bohemians (2) - any gender; self-absorbed and addicted to social media

The first round of auditions will be Thursday, October 9th, 4-8pm. Additional dates may be announced shortly.

*UPDATE: Additional auditions to be held Thursday, October 16th and Wednesday, October 22nd from 3-6:30pm. Please email dolce.revolution (at) gmail.com to reserve a time.

*UPDATE: Some roles may be redesigned/renamed.


To schedule a timeslot please email a picture/resume or short introduction and your preferred 15 minute window to dolce.revolution (at) gmail.com


That's a wrap!
What an amazing artistic journey! 

Dream Wedding, FABUM's 2nd Dolce Revolution Project, premiered to sold-out audiences May 30th and June 20th at The Arts Club of Washington! Check out the article in the Washington Post, and stay tuned for our next project! 
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Program Description:
"What is the true process of self-actualization? Do we have to repeat mistakes in order to finally stop making them? How can we have the best relationship with another if we do not yet have a sense of our best self?

Hosted by Morpheus (enigmatic wedding planner and Greek god of the dreamworld) and using the historic Arts Club of Washington as a setting, DREAM WEDDING is a walk-through, immersive theatrical experience that uses character-archetypes from Jungian psychology as well as Eastern mythological symbolism to take the audience (wedding guests) on a journey through a bride's dreamscape...and perhaps our collective unconscious."

The show's Paperless Post 'wedding invitation'
The newly-launched Dolce Revolution Project is accepting submissions of original scripts to be produced into a live performance piece in Spring, 2012...

Let's enjoy some theatre!
There are (almost) no restrictions. There are no specifications on format, style, or what the script should be about…
  • It should be able to be presented in about 45 minutes (negotiable)
  • It should have no more than 7 characters / or require no more than 7 actors with individuals portraying multiple parts (non-negotiable)
  • It has to be original and not been professionally performed or produced before
* Due to some confusion in a posting on The Playwrights' Center's website (http://pwcenter.org) that advertised this opportunity, we want to clarify that the writer of the selected script will keep and maintain ALL copyright and intellectual property rights to their work consistent with the Dramatist Guild's Bill of Rights:
    [ ..."You own the copyright of your dramatic work. Authors in the theatre business do not assign (i.e. give away or sell in             entirety) their copyrights, nor do they ever engage in "work-for-hire." When a university, producer or theatre want to mount a         production of your play, you actually liscense (or lease) the public performance rights...for a finite period of time." ]

This competition was originally going to be targeted for D.C. college students, but we have decided to expand the call to include any writer with an original script.

If your script is selected, you will not only receive a cash prize of $300 to be awarded in early January, but you will see your writing produced and presented to a public audience. This is a marvelous thing to have on a resume, and it is dolce thing to be a part of…

Send your script via email to dolcestuff@fabum.org before Novemeber 11th, 2011.

The performance will be the first Dolce Revolution Project, to be done in or around downtown Washington, D.C.

And, that’s right, the deadline to submit your work for consideration is 11/11/11!