FABUM interns Zawadi and Liz got a tour of the World Bank today with the worldly Flavius Mihaies, who is also a writer and occasional actor. Fun fact: World Bank employees hold their own theatre productions sometimes! The interns saw cultural art collections, talked about how interconnected the world is and the role of global institutions, as well as how our choices make it possible to have an inspiring, meaningful and artistic life journey no matter what field one pursues!
The FABUM Associates receiving applause.
It is a bittersweet time as summer approaches. The two current FABUM Associates, Kelsea Johnson and Eva Meier, are graduating from School Without Walls in June. As they prepare to move onto the next phase in their educational and individual journeys, we wanted to honor them for their contributions over the last year. They have taken part in the organizing and implementing of performances and fundraisers, events and exhibitions. They have met diverse and talented professionals across a spectrum of artistic disciplines. 

You have followed them on this blog, on Facebook and maybe even met them at one of our supercool events. Some of you joined us Thursday afternoon at The Arts Club of Washington to see a showcase of original choreography and dancing talent. Artistic director Jameson Freeman and managing director Lisa Grimes were joined by Heather Pultz of School Without Walls and Nichola Hayes of The Arts Club, as well as past YPF mentor Dana Tai Soon Burgess in presenting the afternoon's program. An end-of-year stipend was awarded following the performance, which was generously sponsored by FABUM Board member Laura Livoy.

This was an opportunity for the two young women to exhibit their own brilliance, as they have assisted with the exhibiting of others' for the last year. They're not leaving yet! We still have The 2nd Dolce Revolution Project to get through, but Thursday was a marvelous, pre-graduation gathering to acknowledge two 'dolce' people.

Canaan Rubin is a veteran writer, producer and director of television and new media. After a fifteen-year tenure with Entertainment Tonight, Rubin has worked with the biggest names in Hollywood. As creator of successful programming such as MTV's international hit show Duets, he has established himself in the entertainment industry as someone who is consistently relied upon by network executives and top producers to bring stories to life creatively on camera and deliver unique content. He currently executive produces the fashion series Trends for Zappos Couture.

Part of FABUM's internship program is to expose young people to diverse and accomplished individuals in the arts community. While spending some time back in Washington, DC (where he's originally from) this week, Rubin and Artistic Director Jameson Freeman met with our current FABUM Associates, Kelsea Johnson and Eva Meier.

Kelsea Johnson:  On Wednesday, Eva and I had the opportunity to meet Canaan Rubin. Canaan has worked his way up in the production industry, beginning as a student at American University. He is noted for his work with MTV and other notable companies such as VH1 and CBS. Rubin was able to offer wonderful advice on pursuing a career in the arts industry while in college. He told us of his decision to leave the small town of Ithaca, New York for Washington, DC. This transition ultimately got him the internship that landed him in California. It was a pleasure meeting Canaan. He’s an inspiring example of a self-driven individual who achieved success in his field.

Eve Meier:  This past week I had the honor of meeting Jameson Freeman’s friend and colleague, Canaan Rubin. Mr. Freeman describes Rubin as “self-made” in his line of work, something we all know to be a triumph in the arts world. After graduating from American University in 1994, he was immediately swept up by Entertainment Tonight, stationed in Los Angeles, working to promote the company against its competitors like Access Hollywood and Extra After numerous years and many promotions, Rubin left ET for the world of reality TV, creating and directing shows like Duets. Sitting at a Starbucks downtown, my coworker, Kelsea and I had the pleasure of meeting Rubin. Through the LA glamour, it was clear that he has been passionate about his work from the start. We discussed his work in LA and what it has been like to work with such an array of people. I am not in the slightest surprised that Rubin has made it to the position he is in today, simply because it was so apparent about how much he loves what he does, and how much drive he still has to do it.

FABUM launched an 'apprentice program' in December, 2011 which has evolved into an official internship for arts-interested students in Washington, D.C. Meet our current 'FABUM Associates':

Kelsea Johnson is a senior at School Without Walls and enjoys dance in addition to her love for theatre. She has performed in shows such as The Miser & has been included in locally-filmed documentaries & public service announcements. Kelsea was part of FABUM’s inaugural performance season, “The 1st Dolce Revolution Project”, assisting in the process of rehearsals, event-organizing and doing everything from greeting show-goers to stage lights to props management. She is very excited to have this revolutionary internship with FABUM.

Eva Meier is currently a senior at School Without Walls High School. She has been dancing for ten years and is now the captain of the School Without Walls Contemporary Dance Team. Eva began her training at the Washington School of Ballet and studied there for four years. Throughout her dancing life she has performed at the Kennedy Center, the GWU Lisner Auditorium, the Hippodrome Theatre in Baltimore and more.  She plans on continuing her education in the performing arts throughout university when she graduates in June of 2013. Eva is excited to be a member of the FABUM team and looks forward to having a very dolce year working alongside them.