We have a cast and crew!
The artists taking part in FABUM's 3rd Dolce Revolution Project: See You See:

  • Suzanne Watts
  • Eileen Haley
  • Mitch Irzinski
  • Allyn Moushey
  • DeVon Jackson
  • Fausto Amaya
  • David Brundage
  • Writer/Director/Producer: Jameson Freeman
  • Assistant Director: Tish Carter
  • Assistant Producer: Nichola Hays
  • Production Assistants: Zawadi Carroll and Liz Williams

Stay tuned for show dates and more as we start rehearsing!

Non-profit arts group FABUM is holding auditions for its 3rd Dolce Revolution Project series.

This is a non-traditional theatre show to be performed at the historic Arts Club of Washington.

FABUM uses a collaborative approach to its performances, and actors are encouraged to provide input during rehearsals and participate in the creative process. The show will explore the anxieties and absurdities of a 'surveillance society'.

You are welcome to come with a prepared monologue or be provided slides when you arrive.

Roles (working character titles - no ethnic requirements for any):

Boldman - fit, attractive male; narcissistic

Apprentice - any gender; eager to learn

Announcer/Host - male (but gender negotiable) with great "television game show" voice

Secret Agents (3) - any gender; archetypical secret agents; often ridicule those they spy on

Fake Bohemians (2) - any gender; self-absorbed and addicted to social media

The first round of auditions will be Thursday, October 9th, 4-8pm. Additional dates may be announced shortly.

*UPDATE: Additional auditions to be held Thursday, October 16th and Wednesday, October 22nd from 3-6:30pm. Please email dolce.revolution (at) gmail.com to reserve a time.

*UPDATE: Some roles may be redesigned/renamed.


To schedule a timeslot please email a picture/resume or short introduction and your preferred 15 minute window to dolce.revolution (at) gmail.com