FABUM is throwing a Mad Tea Party the weekend of 11/11/11...

To celebrate the launch of The Dolce Revolution Project and its own, marvelous mission, FABUM, Inc. will be throwing a Mad Tea Party.

Libations, an unveiling of the selected script to be produced next Spring for the DRP, and...tea!

This will be at a yet-to-be disclosed location in D.C. on the afternoon of Sunday, November 13th.
Shedaun Smith & Jameson Freeman announcing FABUM and its mission to special 'tea party' guests.
* Update: Click here see pictures on flickr, by Vincent Hunter, from the MAD Tea Party event!
The newly-launched Dolce Revolution Project is accepting submissions of original scripts to be produced into a live performance piece in Spring, 2012...

Let's enjoy some theatre!
There are (almost) no restrictions. There are no specifications on format, style, or what the script should be about…
  • It should be able to be presented in about 45 minutes (negotiable)
  • It should have no more than 7 characters / or require no more than 7 actors with individuals portraying multiple parts (non-negotiable)
  • It has to be original and not been professionally performed or produced before
* Due to some confusion in a posting on The Playwrights' Center's website (http://pwcenter.org) that advertised this opportunity, we want to clarify that the writer of the selected script will keep and maintain ALL copyright and intellectual property rights to their work consistent with the Dramatist Guild's Bill of Rights:
    [ ..."You own the copyright of your dramatic work. Authors in the theatre business do not assign (i.e. give away or sell in             entirety) their copyrights, nor do they ever engage in "work-for-hire." When a university, producer or theatre want to mount a         production of your play, you actually liscense (or lease) the public performance rights...for a finite period of time." ]

This competition was originally going to be targeted for D.C. college students, but we have decided to expand the call to include any writer with an original script.

If your script is selected, you will not only receive a cash prize of $300 to be awarded in early January, but you will see your writing produced and presented to a public audience. This is a marvelous thing to have on a resume, and it is dolce thing to be a part of…

Send your script via email to dolcestuff@fabum.org before Novemeber 11th, 2011.

The performance will be the first Dolce Revolution Project, to be done in or around downtown Washington, D.C.

And, that’s right, the deadline to submit your work for consideration is 11/11/11!