PictureNichola Hays, Zawadi Carroll, Jameson Freeman
By FABUM Associate Zawadi Carroll

On June 13th I was delighted to have lunch with my lovely FABUM intern supervisors Jameson and Nichola. The lunch was bittersweet as it was my last day of internship for the school year, but more sweet as we discussed upcoming projects and plans for FABUM...and shared a vanilla gelato. 

After being a FABUM intern this year I was asked to reflect on two questions: 1) What is your passion? and 2) What type of artistic expression excites you? Although my answers to these questions are ever changing I was able to provide two answers that reflect where I am now: 

My passion is living life, and living it to the fullest. I think we live in an age in which things have become really superficial and society controls what we do and want. In the midst of all of this people get lost. I'd hate to wake up at 50 and realize I haven't been doing things that actually satisfy my soul or make me happy. For me artistic expression is vital to living a fulfilled life because it brings me happiness and truth. 

In all honesty, all artistic expression excites me. But dance is a type of artistic expression I have been doing since I was 2 years old. Every time I dance or watch others dance the strongest feelings emerge. Dance is also one of the most exciting artistic expressions because of how versatile it is. I learn something new about it all the time, so it keeps me on my toes literally and figuratively.

Zawadi Carroll will be a senior at School Without Walls high school in Washington, D.C. beginning in the Fall of 2014. She is the current 'FABUM Associate', having been interning with the organization since the Fall of 2013.