We are launching a new visual arts-focused initiative that we're calling Visual Arts Connection, that will feature artist-interviews. Read more about it over at PRLog!


Non-profit arts group FABUM is launching a new online platform that will feature personal interviews with visual artists called the Visual Arts Connection. The website, currently operating as a Google blog (http://visualartsconnection.blogspot.com), will also have an event calender for local galleries and exhibition spaces.

Artistic Director Jameson Freeman explains his feeling that visual artists aren't given the opportunity to reflect and share the process and inspirations behind their work often enough. "They can provide a narrative for their work during a gallery opening, or on the 'about' page of their website, but this will be an opportunity for them to be questioned by someone else, and therefore perhaps asked to think about their work - and themselves - a little differently," he says.

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On Tuesday, March 17th, Members of FABUM's Board of Directors as well as parents and friends gathered at the Arts Club of Washington for a retrospective on Youth Program FABUM's last year...and to honor interns Zawadi Carroll and Liz Williams on their recent college admittance, upcoming high school graduation...and their FULL college scholarships! 

Both Zawadi and Liz have been working with FABUM as interns as well as volunteering for community service hours. They have been part of several major projects, including the world premiere of the performance work See You See in December of 2014.

Zawadi has been with FABUM since the beginning of 2014, and Liz joined up with us during the summer.

We will miss them when they go, but this is not good-bye...it is good luck!