Nichola Hays is the Gallery Manager and Membership Coordinator at the historic Arts Club of Washington, which has nearly 100 years of history promoting the arts in the district, houses four galleries, and displays original arts exhibits that change monthly (The club galleries are open to the public free of charge Tuesdays-Saturdays). Before joining the Arts Club of Washington, Hays' museum experience included time at the National Portrait Gallery, the Eleanor D. Wilson Museum, The Art Museum of Western Virginia (now the Taubman Museum of Art) and the Cameron Art Museum. She received her undergraduate degree in Studio Art with a concentration in sculpture and a graduate degree in Studio Art with a concentration in painting. Her graduate degree focused on Indian miniatures from the Mughal Empire. Both degrees were from Hollins University.

Recently, Nichola spent an afternoon with the young ladies of Youth Program FABUM (who are both set to begin their own collegiate careers this fall) as part of our ongoing 'Professionals in the Arts' series...

Kelsea Johnson: Last Wednesday, my fellow FABUM intern Eva Meier and I had the opportunity of meeting the Arts Club gallery manager, Nichola Hays. While Eva and I have both spent copious amounts of time at the Arts Club for FABUM events, this was our first time taking an extensive tour of the building and learning in depth about its history.  I so enjoyed our time with Nichola and am appreciative of the tidbits of information she was able to provide. Who knew FABUM was hosting events in the same building James Madison had his inaugural reception?

Eva Meier: At another meet-up arranged by Jameson, I met Nichola Hays, gallery manager of the Arts Club of Washington. This meeting was a little more hands on, as Kelsea, Jameson, Lisa and I received a tour of the Arts Club itself. Ms. Hays walked us through the main rooms, explaining the history and artwork on display. Then, we went upstairs and got a sneak peek at the archives in the club and artwork that was not currently on the walls. Later, Hays joined us for one of our traditional Starbucks chats. Over our cups of coffee, she explained the significance of interning during our college years, and how the connections we build in that time will help us network later in our careers.

Be an Observational Artist! 
Tecnicus Project: presented by FABUM Inc.

As part of the one-year anniversary celebration of Youth Program FABUM as a spring follow-up to the November 2012 launch of Tecnicus Project, we are holding an 'Art is Life. Life is Art' call for photo submissions. FABUM is asking creative DC students and young artists to submit photos (of anything!) they take with their cell phones.

Tecnicus Photo Upload Thing was launched in fall of 2012, but was not included in our November Tecnicus Project event. We are now including it in our spring youth program event on April 25th at the historic Arts Club of Washington.

TPUT Guidelines:
+ Submitters must be DC area high school or college students. 
+ The photo can be of anything.
+ It must be taken with a cell phone or digital camera and not be altered or 'edited' in any way.
+ It should embody whatever 'Art is Life' means to you.
+ 'Like' and/or 'Follow' us on Facebook and/or Twitter!

FABUM: http://facebook.com/fabuminc / http://twitter.com/fabuminc
Tecnicus Project: http://facebook.com/tecnicusproject / http://twitter.com/tecnicusproject

Photos can be submitted through Facebook/Twitter or email: tecnicus.project@gmail.com

All those who submit will be invited to the reception at the Arts Club of Washington on an evening in April (exact date to be announced). Finalists will be displayed as 'artists of living' on our website and blog, and receive free tickets to any FABUM show or event in 2013. The winner receives $100. 

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