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January 1, 2012

On the first day of the Gregorian calendar year 2012, I want to communicate some things:

FABUM has had such a wonderful beginning. As most of you know, we are launching an ongoing series of artistic works called The Dolce Revolution Project. The first ‘project’ began this past October with a playwright competition. We received so many interesting scripts, have selected two, and from them will produce two never-before-seen short plays. Lemons by Barry Eitel and Lost Belongings AKA The Facebook Play by Jennifer Berry both have themes of the individual search for meaning and the exploration of human nature. Please see our website ( and blog ( for more information about these dynamic scripts.

We have confirmed three performances at the D.C. Arts Center for March 28, 29, & 31 – and will confirm additional performance dates at The Arts Club of Washington shortly. Additionally, please stay tuned for a staged reading, and other events which are being organized and which I’d love your involvement.

Our goal is truly to engage people in the artistic process. What this means is not only celebrating the final product (i.e. the show), but to also celebrate the labor of creativity. Choosing to produce a theatrical production allowed for others to participate in several major checkpoints of show-making: selecting scripts, discussion with playwrights, auditions and casting of actors, rehearsals, script-readings…all leading up to a final ‘product’ – opening night. Future projects will step beyond the stage, as I am looking to garner visual artists, writers, and other creative talents to be a part of The Dolce Revolution Project. I look forward to discussing this more with you all. 

I want to acknowledge John Ashford and Karen Seitz, without whom our spring season would truly not be possible. Their generosity will hopefully inspire others to give and be involved with our mission of presenting original, artistic works that embody the individual pursuit of self-realization.

I also want to share the announcement of FABUM's apprentice program. This will be an ongoing, seasonal opportunity for creative youths to be involved in our productions.

I launched this program at School Without Walls in D.C. - and we will choose two high school or college students to assist with our spring shows. They will work directly with me and the FABUM team, attend rehearsals, assist with tech work, and will receive professional headshots for use in their own artistic journeys.

An enormous thank you to Jill and Bill Hudock, whose contribution has enabled this program.

Thank you also to the ‘dolce’ creative team, my friends, family and other revolutionaries who lent their time and who have shared their stories and personal philosophies with me.  This has truly been an experience of love. Without you, this journey would not be on its marvelous course.

It is a privilege to share this journey with you, and I look forward to expanding our scope of participation, as well as growing the quality of our art.

2012 is the Chinese year of the dragon, which symbolizes good luck, change, and opportunity… I can think of no better year for us to really be ‘taking off’.


The Son of James